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ZoomTilt is dedicated to helping filmmakers enter the new digital world. For decades, video has been the #1 American pastime, and yet the many stories we all share from TV and film are made by very few people. In the last 20 years tens of thousands of independent filmmakers have entered the market, hoping to create characters people fall in love with.

While the film festival circuit has its place, we believe the majority of filmmakers don't know the reality of this avenue: only one out of a thousand filmmakers who submit feature films to film festivals gets the kind of distribution that will even pay them back they amount they spent on their film.

Meanwhile, big brands are creating their own online video campaigns that are practically like mini-tv shows (see our Case Studies page for examples), and seeing amazing returns. Every small company knows it needs to create more video, but doesn't know how to do it well.

So in addition to our regular screenwriting workouts, we love to be matchmakers between companies that want entertaining videos and filmmakers who want their creative work paid for and promoted. These two groups need each other.

So please join us!

Screenwriters: get your regular writing workout in;

Filmmakers: peruse our award winning scripts for your next webseries;

Companies: get our advice on your video strategy and let us hook you up with a filmmaker that can make your story sing.

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