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Every couple of weeks, we post a workout -- it's the germ of an idea to get you started writing. You have two weeks to submit a concept and a 5-page first episode script, and you can donate $5 to The Kitty. Then come back before the review deadline and you'll get to read and give feedback on other writers' scripts and concepts. At the end of the review phase, the writers with the highest average ratings win money out of The Kitty! Meanwhile, you've submitted another script to another workout, to keep your writing skills up.

We started the Screenwriters' Clubhouse as a kind of "gym" for writers. You need to write regularly, so we provide you with a community of other writers to help encourage you to keep it up. A "workout" is our regular writing competition -- we provide you with the germ of an idea to inspire your creativity in a direction you might not have thought of. You then write a concept and a five-page first episode.

The original writer of the script/concept retains ownership of anything they submit to the Screenwriters' Clubhouse. We don't claim ownership rights to any content submitted through the Screenwriters' Clubhouse.

ZoomTilt has no plans on using scripts or concepts for anything outside of the Screenwriters' Clubhouse. That said, the goal of the Screenwriters' Clubhouse is to give writers an opportunity to get feedback and win prizes based on the opinions of other writers. In order to make this happen, your script & concept will be available for other writers to read while the workout you submitted to is in its "review" phase. Only writers who submitted to a specific workout can read or review scripts for that workout.

We ask that you donate $5 for each workout you submit to for two reasons.
  • It allows us to give cash prizes to the winners.
  • Having "skin in the game" is an incentive to produce better work. Studies have shown that when users pay even a small amount of money, they are more likely to participate fully. Our goal is to help you get on a regular writing schedule, so this helps.

You do not have to donate anything. If you don't donate any money, you can still pitch your concept and script, read & review other writers' work, and read the feedback from other writers.

But if you don't donate, you won't be able to win anything -- so you won't win any of our cash prizes, and you won't be listed on our winners' page.

Winners of each competition are chosen by you, the writing community. If you have submitted a script to a particular workout, you can come back during the "review" phase and read and review others' work. Whoever has the highest average rating wins the top prize.

Lots of reasons, most of them related to length. We want our writers to write something short so that they can get into a regular habit. Short scripts are a lot easier to produce, so writers have a better chance of having a 5-page script made into a film. And it requires better writing skill to write five good pages than ten.

But if you just write a script for a short film, it can't go anywhere. A great web series provides opportunity to create characters that grow and develop, so if you want you can always continue to develop your concept.

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